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Circle of Charities    

The Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company (LAWSC) is a nonprofit organization which produces professional productions of Shakespeare's plays with an all-female ensemble. We provide opportunities for collaboration between multiracial, highly accomplished artists who are actors, producers, directors, choreographers, designers and educators.


St. Augustine's Church

Dada Design has maintained Saint Augustine's Website since January, 2002. Mr. Koeppe worked closely with vestry members to redesign the site in December, 2011.


Circle of Charities    

The Circle of Charities is a space for all charities to come together for a higher purpose, for the greater good of all humanity. It is a space where all things are possible. It is a space of freedom, balance, peace, creativity, power and full self-expression. It is a space where dreams come true.


Thomas R. Feder, DDS Logo

Tom Feder has been my dentist and a gentle friend for close to 30 years. His forte is state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry, and I have him to thank for an attractive and healthy smile. As you'll see on his Web site, he also displays an extensive collection of my fine art.


Law Offices of William E. Maguire

Trademark Esq. is the Website of Trademark and Intellectual Property expert William E. Maguire, Attorney At Law. Mr. Maguire has been a client of Dada Design since 1996.


Jeff Weinstein, AIA logo

Jeff Weinstein came to me for help building a Web presence for his architectural management business. Faced with a limited budget, we built a very simple Website to showcase his skills and work history. He tells me it works well for bringing new clients.


Western Alliance
 for Nature Logo  
Western Alliance for Nature
WAN Conservancy

Preserving Everyone's Heritage for All Generations

The WAN Conservancy Web site offered Dada Design a rare opportunity to work with beautiful nature photography to showcase an environmental organization. The Western Alliance for Nature is dedicated to protecting and setting aside important habitat for migratory birds and marine mammals.


Geddes Productions logo

Geddes Productions is a resource for breastfeeding teaching videos and products. There site features an extensive catalog with online ordering capability. You can also download and print a PDF catalog of all their resources.


Art of Living Logo Art of Living - Traditional image Art of Living - Contemporary image Art of Living - Beyond image

The company Art of Living had one small problem when it came to building a Web presence: ArtofLiving.com and AOL.com were already taken. I persuaded them that the next best thing was to register a name that says what they do. HouseStagingandinteriors.com showcases their best work, furnishing empty homes for sale.


Tot2Talk logo

Tot 2 Talk is the practice of Michelle Mintz, a board certified licensed speech-language therapist. In addition to Therapy sessions, Tot2Talk offers specialized parent training workshops, conducts parent Presentations and Speech and Language Screenings at preschools. Dada Design collaborated with Michelle to revise her site with an with an eye toward organization, simplicity of navigation, ease of updates and expansion.


Benefit Plan Audit Services     Benefit Plan Audit Services

Benefit Plan Audit Services is a consulting firm which assists companies to save money by investigating and eliminating waste and fraud in their employee benefit programs.