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  Old Venice Pier At Sunset
California, USA

© Steven John Koeppe
The Venice Pier used to have a small bait shop and snack bar at the end. Then, the same El Nino storm that knocked down the Santa Monica Pier many years ago also wreaked havoc on Venice. It was closed for quite awhile after that storm. Today, it's a favorite place for fishing and strolling.
Under Venice Pier
© Steven John Koeppe
Concrete pilings under the pier form an interesting sculptural setting when lit by kleig lights on the beach.
Venice Pier At Night
Santa Monica, California

© Steven John Koeppe
A night time movie shoot along the beach illuminates the Venice Pier against an inky-black backdrop.
  Santa Monica Skyline From the End of the Pier
Santa Monica, California

© Steven John Koeppe
Santa Monica enjoys a distinctive skyline with only a limited amount of development allowed. Though we have quite a few world-class hotels, they are not so enoromous as the ones in Miami. Palisades Park was set aside early in Santa Monica's history from that kind of construction. It's a good thing, too, since land close to the cliff is very unstable.
  Palisades Park At California Incline
Santa Monica, California

© Steven John Koeppe
Looking north from the California Incline toward the Santa Monica Mountains, wide beaches and Malibu up to Point Dume make a majestic sweep of the bay.
  Point Magu Fire
Looking North From Ramp Onto Santa Monica Pier

© Steven John Koeppe
Wild fires racing through the Santa Monica Mountains is part of natures plan, regardless of what we do. It's a matter of thick vegetation drying to tinder under a baking sun and hot wind. Then, it requires nothing but a careless match or spark of any kind. This fire near the Pt. Mugu area managed to make day into night across the whole bay area.
  Point Mugu Fire At Sunset
From Santa Monica Pier, California

© Steven John Koeppe
Providing perhaps the strangest sunset I've ever seen, the sun barely manages to shine through a small gap between the mountaintops and thick, hovering smoke from the fire.
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