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  Grand Canyon Cairn
© Steven John Koeppe
About half way through my Grand Canyon Rafting run, I noticed this incredibly cool cairn along the side of the river. Fortunately it was about time to pull aside for the night. I managed to get in this shot shortly before the high canyon cliffs left it it in the shadows.
Grand Canyon Chalice
© Steven John Koeppe
This image makes me think a little bit of a ragged wine glass. I was looking upward in one of the many slot canyons in the along the Marble Canyon area of the Colorado River. I think this one is called Horsetail Canyon.
Grand Canyon From Shoshone Point
© Steven John Koeppe
This has got to be my favorite place to view the Grand Canyon from its south rim. Only a short hike off the road, there's no tourists, no railing, a 2500 foot drop on 3 sides. It's really wonderful spot, made even better by a white marble rock formation carefully placed by nature at the end.
Liquid Torso
© Steven John Koeppe
It's just a small stream of water, of course, but I imagine seeing a svelt female torso, arms upraised. So many interesting abstactions in the canyon.
Raven Flying Over Grand Canyon
© Steven John Koeppe
I usually don't care for photos with a motion, but this one stopped me cold. The depth of field enhances the sligntly blurred background, a vivid contrast to the dark outline of this large black bird in flight. It followed me around for days.
Sky Below, Rock Above
© Steven John Koeppe
No, it is not upside down. Look again and you will see where water is trickling over rocks and into a pool. See those pebbles in the bottom of the pool?
Dinosaur Toadstool
North Esplanade of Grand Canyon

© Steven John Koeppe
Just the strange weather and strenuous hiking in this area is enough to get you seeing things. But the weird plants and crazy-looking rock formations are enough to make you do a double take. This toadtool is nothing; I'll add more cool pictures of the esplanade, soon!
Bighorn Sheep Skull In Grand Canyon, Arizona Bighorn Sheep Skull In Grand Canyon
Horsetail Creek

© Steven John Koeppe
This picture of a Bighorn Sheep skull was shot on one of the day hikes taken on my trip through the canyon. Perched high on the wall of a slot canyon named Horsetail, taking it required a precarious climb. A younger member of our party managed to make the ascent.
  Rainbow Bridge
Lake Powell, Utah

© Steven John Koeppe
This natural stone arch is one of the largest natural bridges in the world. Easily accessible by boat via Lake Powell, it was once a very isolated wonder on the edge of long-submerged Glen Canyon. Today, you have to hustle to get there ahead of herds of tourist shuttled there via cattle boat. It's an important American Indian holy place. That's Navajo Mountain in the background.
Wukoki Ruins At Sunrise
Northern Arizona

© Steven John Koeppe
Photographed in the deep red hues of sunrise, the Wukoki Ruins of Wapatki National Monument were abandoned many hundreds of years ago by American Indians leaving the isolation of this high desert plain for more security in Hopi Pueblo communities. It must have been a very difficult existence, scraping a bare living from dry land subsistance farming. But what a beautiful home to leave behind. Clearly visible, an ancient desert seabed served as the sandstone floor of this dwelling.
Kelso Dunes
East Mojave Desert, California

© Steven John Koeppe
The best time to visit Kelso Dunes is in early spring. If you are very lucky you'll catch the Desert Willows blooming. Those tiny scarlet blossums on these seemingly fragile trees seem quite out of place here. Which they wouldn't be, if they allowed off road vehicles on these dunes.
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