The Dada Calendar Artwork

In 1989, Steven John Koeppe made the first calendar featuring his artwork. Since 1994, he has produced and distributed a new calendar every year except 2013. What follows is a chronological presentation of the 24 paintings featured on these calendars.

Alta Vista - Paintings by Steven John Koeppe, Dada Design

2017 Dada Calendar Art

Alta Vista, Santa Monica

by Steven John Koeppe - Acrylic on canvas, 24"x30" - 2016

Santa Monica Bay is a destination world famous for its mild Mediterranean climate. Since moving here in 1978 it's been a great place to live, work and put down roots. Like the majority of residents I live in a modest apartment, but sky's the limit for a few more prosperous folks. The view from high rise condos and apartments along Ocean Avenue facing Palisades Park and North Beach is especially spectacular.

The surfboard pictured in this painting was designed by a lifeguard who became one of the early pioneers in foam core surfboard design, Rick Stoner of Rick Surfboards. The quote for this year comes from another pioneer, a Hawaiian who popularized both surfing and lifeguarding in California: "I was fired up with a mania for improving the boards and getting the most out of the surf. I was constantly redoing my board, giving it a new shape, new contours, new balance." - Duke Kahanamoku, the Big Kahuna


Paintings by Steven John Koeppe
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