2014 Dada Calendar Art

Inspiration Point, 1928

by Steven John Koeppe - Acrylic on canvas, 24"x30" - 2015

I'm happy to say the art for my 2015 calendar has made it to the printer. This year it features the north end of Palisades Park and Ocean Avenue, called Inspiration Point. It once had a wonderful view looking north toward the beaches of Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains. In 1967, a large luxury condominium complex was built along the north bluff adjacent to the mouth of Santa Monica Canyon, effectively blocking the view from the public. I've chosen to depict the scene in 1928, a year after the authentic Alaskan Totem Pole created by Chilkat Tlingit Indians in Alaska was donated and placed there at the park by a Rotary Club member. Along the roadway in the foreground I've painted a 1928 Duesenberg Model J. A woman is at the wheel, and a boy is standing on the passenger seat. Also, a motorcycle cop is standing by his Harley Davidson. I don't know whether he is about to write a ticket. In the background beside a 1923 Morris Woody, a family of tourists enjoys the view.

Paintings by Steven John Koeppe
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